Robert J. Sutherland

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May 17, 2017

Regardless of your political affiliation (Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian) we all want many of the same things: major traffic congestion relief; safe highways and roads; property rights that are respected; property taxes kept to an absolute minimum and spent wisely; a growing economy which produces high-paying jobs, an education system second to none that works for every child, without breaking the bank, and safe neighborhoods free of drugs, crime and the homeless.

The County budget needs to be re-prioritized so that bridges can be built over railroad tracks and busy intersections before bureaucrats receive their annual bonuses. This will allow the removal of many traffic signals and keep commuter traffic moving. Adding additional lanes on Hwy 9 and elsewhere along with center and right turn lanes will drastically improve highway safety and relieve traffic congestion.

Property taxes are already too high, causing financial pressure on homeowners and an increase in homelessness. This needs to be remedied as soon as possible, starting with freezing property taxes at the level they were when the home was purchased, just like the loan amount and interest rates are frozen by law.

Small businesses are experiencing an explosion of burdensome regulations and taxation from local governments, causing some to close shop and preventing others from expanding and creating new jobs. We must reduce unnecessary regulations and taxation.

Education dollars should follow the child, allowing parents to decide which school is best for their child, whether public, private, charter, home or religious. This will improve graduation rates, which will in turn reduce crime, homelessness, drug abuse and will help to create safer neighborhoods.

And we must do a better job at serving our struggling veterans by providing adequate job training opportunities, temporary housing when needed, and the necessary medical attention they deserve as a result of their service to us all.

I’m Robert J. Sutherland. A vote for me is a vote for all of the above. Thank you.


For Immediate Release


March 8, 2017


Today, Robert J. Sutherland announces his candidacy to serve on the Snohomish County Council, District 1. Sutherland, is a U.S. Air Force veteran and former candidate for Congress in Washington’s 1st District. Like so many residents here Sutherland feels that more needs to be done in order to relieve traffic congestion, improve property rights, increase graduation rates, freeze property taxes, reduce homelessness, crime and illegal drug use. Some potential solutions are simpler than others, like adding lanes to busy roads and bridges at busy intersections and rail road crossings. Property taxes should be frozen at the level they were when a family buys a home, just like the loan amount and interest rates remain unchanged by law. This will help struggling families to stay in their homes during tough times, thus helping to reduce homelessness. By working with legislators to increase educational choices for parents, and by allowing their educational dollars to follow the child, children will be better served leading to increased graduation rates, less drug use, less crime and less government assistance.


By being productive members of society joblessness and the County budget will decrease as tax revenues increase. As crime decreases so will the budget, freeing up additional money for other top priorities. All this, and more can and should be done at the County level. And it should have been done years ago, Sutherland believes. It wasn’t, which is why we are stuck in traffic, pay exorbitant property taxes and yet we have increased homelessness, crime, drug abuse and high school dropout rates. Sutherland, a military veteran and a scientist who helped develop cancer drug therapies is a problem solver. A vote for Sutherland is a vote to start fixing our County problems.


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