Roads & Traffic
We need to plan on widening critical roads and highways, complete with center lanes and right turn lanes to keep traffic safer and flowing. We need to build bridges over railroad tracks and major intersections, removing stop signs and signal lights where possible to keep traffic moving. And we need to increase the number, size and frequency of commuter busses and vans to make it much easier and convenient for commuters to opt out of their vehicles.


Economy & Jobs
We need to make it much easier, and tax friendlier, for new large and small businesses to start up here in Snohomish County.


Crime & Illegal Drugs
We need to start young. Our kids need a great education and parents need to be in charge of that education by having several good options available to them (public/private/Home/Charter). Kids need to love their school and be excited about it which means it needs to be applicable to them and their likes and interests. This will improve graduation rates and better prepare them to enter 1) college or 2) the work force. Having a great education will drastically reduce illegal drug use and associated crimes.


Property Taxes
We need to stop taxing people out of their homes. I will work with legislators to freeze property taxes at the amount they were when the home was purchased. Interest rates and the purchase price are bound under contract, so should property taxes. Our homes are not the personal credit card of County and State government bureaucrats.


Property Rights
They are under attack by certain politicians and their special interest groups. We need elected officials who are willing to take a stand for property owners and their God-given Right to own and control their own property within the confine of reasonable laws.


Disaster Preparedness
We live in a very beautiful, but very dangerous area. We’re flanked by volcanoes as well as the Cascadia Subduction Zone just off the coast, which could produce massive devastation in WA State. We need a robust preparedness program to ensure everyone has a plan when disaster strikes.


Buying a home in our region is very expensive. It’s like paying for three homes but only getting one of them. Using my home as an example, my mortgage looks roughly like this: 1/3 loan repayment; 1/3 interest to the bank and 1/3 taxes paid to the State. I would work with legislators to reduce the amount banks and governments (State, County and local) can charge property owners. By lowering the cost of home ownership we can 1) keep more people in their homes and 2) help others who couldn’t afford to buy a home to do so. This will help cap the problem of homelessness while other solutions are created to help those with different problems that keep them from owning their own home.


County Budget
The budget needs to be well thought out, prioritized and maintained. It should be easily accessible to the tax-paying public for their scrutiny. If revenues drop, then lower priority items should be reduced or eliminated to maintain a balanced budget. Raising taxes should always be the last resort. Minimum monetary levels should always be maintained by the County and a “rainy-day” account should be created and fully funded. And it should never be ‘raided’ except in the case of an extreme “emergency”.


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